Cherry edge

Distressed Walnut

Wenge thick top

For looks and durability, granite is an awesome choice but let’s face it…we are all a bit tired of granite, granite, granite everywhere. I really enjoy specifying quartz tops for their “green” properties as well as the more solid colors offered…when a lot of movement fights with the overall design. But, when I really want to add punch to a kitchen, I look to add some element of wood counters to the plan. There are so many options now that it boggles the mind. Reclaimed wood, parquet bamboo, end grain, edge grain, plank…the design options are endless. And wood is a terrific product that has been much maligned over the years. Make sure if you are doing a thicker top that you consider lowering the height of the cabinetry to accomodate the additonal height or some appliances may not work…as well as be a bit on the tall side! Also, consider set down stainless rods if you have a cooktop or oven nearby…wonderful “built in” trivet and looks really cool too!

From the Craft Art website:

The most common question we are asked is “How durable are wood countertops?” There are two basic measures of durability: Hardness and Serviceability.


The hardness of wood is a measure of how large a dent would be created if you dropped something on it. Obviously, stone is harder than wood. If you dropped a cast iron skillet on a granite countertop, it will not make a dent. It may chip or crack the granite, but is unlikely to dent it. The same skillet will, however, make a small dent in a wood top. How large a dent will depend on the wood species. For instance, Brazilian Cherry is a harder wood than Walnut. Please see Wood species for details about the hardness of each of the wood species we use in our countertops.

It is also true that unless you view a wood countertop with a small dent from just the right angle with just the right light, it is unlikely that you will see it.

Some of our customers like the look of a well-used top. So, Craft-Art offers a distressed finish as an option. We add a small amount of water-based dye to highlight the dents we create.


Craft-Art tops are waterproof. Water left on a Craft-Art top will sit there until it evaporates. The Paduak countertop with a sink in our break room takes the use and abuse of over 30 people every day. It has been installed for three years and has been re-oiled only once. With Craft-Art tops, you can use any sink you wish. By adding drain channels, you can use countertop dish racks.